Biggest 2022 Horror Movies

2022 Horror Movies

2021 has come and gone, and now it’s time to look forward to the horror movies 2022 will have in store for us. To help start building the hype for what’s to come, we here at Arrow in the Head have decided to put together a list of ten of the Biggest 2022 Horror Movies.

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SCREAM – Theatrical release on January 14, 2022

Scream franchise director Wes Craven is no longer with us, so this “legacy-quel” has the Ready or Not directing duo of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett at the helm, and they have made it clear that they went into the new movie with a lot of reverence for Craven, which gives us hope. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette are back as their beloved characters, ready to face off with another Ghostface slasher who has been picking off people in the town of Woodsboro. There’s a new creative team behind the scenes (with original Scream writer Kevin Williamson on board as executive producer), but this looks like it’s going to be the same sort of Scream movie we know and love. It gets the list of 2022 horror movies started, so hopefully it’s a good start.

2022 Horror Movies Isabelle Fuhrman

ORPHAN: FIRST KILL – Theatrical release on January 28, 2022

Orphan: First Kill, one of the most unexpected 2022 horror movies, is a prequel to the 2009 film Orphan, and there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding it due to the fact that Isabelle Fuhrman is reprising the role of the homicidal Esther; a 30-something woman who infiltrates families by passing as a 9-year-old child. Fuhrman was a tween when she first played the role, now she’s an adult in her twenties, but somehow director William Brent Bell is still meant to convince us that she looks like a 9-year-old. Fans are looking forward to seeing how this trickery is pulled off, and how well it’s going to work. Whether she looks convincing as a child or not, it will be fun to watch Fuhrman play Esther again.

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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – Netflix release on February 18, 2022

Nine years after reviving the Evil Dead franchise, Fede Alvarez aims to do the same for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise by producing a direct sequel to the original film – which isn’t exactly a new approach, since Texas Chainsaw 3D was also a direct sequel to the original. An “old man Leatherface” is back to rev up his chainsaw and do his thing once more, and the film promises to feature a rematch between him and the first Chainsaw‘s heroine Sally Hardesty, with Olwen Fouéré taking over the role from the late Marilyn Burns. It doesn’t feel right that this movie was shot in Bulgaria (the prequel Leatherface was shot there, and that didn’t turn out so well), but at least director David Blue Garcia is from Texas.

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THE BLACK PHONE – Theatrical release on June 24, 2022

After dropping out of the Doctor Strange sequel over creative differences, director Scott Derrickson turned his focus to this Blumhouse-produced adaptation of a novel written by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill. The story centers on a young boy who is abducted by child killer called “The Grabber” and finds that he’s able to communicate with the killer’s past victims through a disconnected phone in the basement he’s being held in. That’s a very disturbing set-up, and it looks like Ethan Hawke is going to be terrifying as The Grabber, hiding his face behind unsettling masks designed by Tom Savini. Sam Raimi gets Doctor Strange, Derrickson gets The Black Phone, and we all benefit.

2022 Horror Movies Nope Jordan Peele

NOPE – Theatrical release on July 22, 2022

We really know nothing about Nope beyond the names of some of the cast members (including Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun, Keke Palmer, and Michael Wincott) and the fact that it was written and directed by Jordan Peele – but that’s already enough to make it clear that this is one of the biggest horror releases of 2022. Peele won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his feature directorial debut Get Out and followed that up with the well-received Us, so every movie he makes it going to get a lot of attention. Judging by the secrecy that surrounded both of his previous movies, it’s not likely we’ll know very much about Nope until it reaches the big screen in July.

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HALLOWEEN ENDS – Theatrical release on October 13, 2022

Director David Gordon Green is back to finish the Halloween trilogy he began with 2018’s Halloween and continued with 2021’s blood-soaked middle chapter Halloween Kills. Jamie Lee Curtis is reprising the role of heroine Laurie Strode one last time, going up against iconic slasher Michael Myers with Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) by her side in a sequel that takes place four years after the events of the previous two movies. Kyle Richards is also coming back as Halloween 1978 character Lindsey Wallace, and is getting an expanded role after audiences reacted so well to her return in Halloween Kills. Halloween Ends will probably be as much of a definitive ending to the franchise as Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was to F13, but that won’t stop anyone from checking out this “ending”.

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EVIL DEAD RISE – HBO Max release, date TBA

In 2013, Evil Dead franchise creator Sam Raimi gave Fede Alvarez the chance to make his feature directorial debut with his own Evil Dead movie. Now he has hand-picked The Hole in the Ground director Lee Cronin to make an Evil Dead movie – and Cronin has chosen to take the horror out of the woods and drop the Necronomicon and evil spirits into an apartment building in Los Angeles. The Deadites will be tearing their way through a family in this one, targeting two sisters and their young children – and pictures on Cronin’s social media account have made it obvious that Evil Dead Rise is going to be just as bloody as an Evil Dead movie should be.

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HELLRAISER – Hulu release, date TBA

Jamie Clayton takes over the role of genre icon Pinhead in this reboot (or “small re-imagining”, as director David Bruckner put it) of the Hellraiser franchise, executive produced by Clive Barker. We don’t know what exactly the story is this time around, but producer David S. Goyer has said they went back to Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart for inspiration and the movie features “jaw-dropping” Cenobites. Odessa A’zion plays the lead character, named Riley… and that’s all that has been revealed so far. While this feature film heads to Hulu, there’s also an entirely separate Hellraiser TV series in the works at HBO Max. Barker is attached to executive produce that project as well.

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The Creeper at the center of the Jeepers Creepers series is a great monster that has been held back from reaching its true potential due to the fact that many, for good reason, refuse to support the writer/director of the previous three films (not to mention the declining quality of those films). Thankfully, the creator of The Creeper is not involved with the reboot Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, which was directed by Timo Vuorensola from a screenplay by Sean Michael Argo and centers on a couple who cross paths with The Creeper while in Louisiana to attend a HorrorHound convention. Here’s hoping that this unkillable, human-consuming creature will now be able to star in better movies that will improve its reputation.

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PREY – Hulu release, date TBA

The Predator franchise heads to the Hulu streaming service with this film from 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg. Previous films have established that the alien Predators have been visiting Earth for a long time, and Prey is going back in time a few centuries to show one Predator’s encounter with Naru (Amber Midthunder), “a skilled Comanche warrior who fiercely protects her tribe”. It should be interesting to see how Naru is able to take on a creature that carries much more powerful weapons than she has access to. Prey will be released sometime in the summer of 2022, but a specific date hasn’t been announced.

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