Celsius and Public Mint Join Forces to Bridge the Gap Between CeFi and DeFi

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Public Mint, a fiat-native blockchain infrastructure, and user friendly platform for payments and investing that also gives users earning capacity across DeFi and CeFi, has partnered with leading yield platform, Celsius. Public Mint has made a name for itself since inception for its unique take on the blockchain, which bridges opportunities across the entire financial realm. 

Celsius’s integration on Public Mint brings the first app to be hosted on the Public Mint blockchain. It means users of the Public Mint ecosystem can lend, and earn simply and easily.  Celsius ethos is to offer services that are not currently available via the big banks – these include reasonable interest on borrowing, no fees for transactions and fast transactions. 

Couple this with Public Mint’s proposition of financial inclusion for all, meaning no need for a bank account wherever the user may be, and you open a world for the unbanked and underbanked, where they can not only conduct banking, send money across the globe for zero fees, but can now also earn yield on their investments.

Potential to earn for even the unbanked

At the heart of the EARN program sits the USD+, a synthetic currency, which is redeemable for USD. The USD+ can be staked for high passive yield and it can be used as means of transaction across both the Public Mint network and also through Ethereum. This comes as a result of the platform’s bridge with USDC, a regulated stablecoin that is pegged directly against the USD.

Public Mint’s objective is to make safe and generous yield available to anyone, anywhere and its CTO, Jorge Pereira expresses this best, “We are honored to be working with Celsius to bring the untapped crypto yields to the masses. In our presentations, we picked Celsius as the example of a major lending partner for EARN, because we’ve always believed Celsius is the most reputable and successful crypto lending provider. Turning that example into a real partnership makes me incredibly excited about Public Mint’s future.”

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