Chucky and Tiffany: NECA releasing clothed action figures in 2022

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The collectible makers at NECA will be bringing us clothed action figure versions of Chucky and his bride Tiffany in March of 2022, and a handful of images have been released online to give us an early look at the figures. A few of the pictures can be seen below, and there are more at

These action figures are based on the way killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany looked in director Ronny Yu’s 1998 horror comedy classic Bride of Chucky (watch it HERE), the fourth film in the Child’s Play franchise. Here’s how NECA describes them:

Chucky, the murderous doll inhabited by the soul of a serial killer, is back on the rampage, but this time he’s met his match… His old flame Tiffany rescues his parts from a police impound and has marriage on her mind!

Finally in clothed action figure form, this 2-pack includes Chucky and Tiffany with fabric clothing, plus plenty of accessories: an additional swappable head for Chucky, two knives, two guns, axe, and necklace. The figures stand 5.5″ tall and are fully poseable.

Chucky and Tiffany will come together in a two-pack with window box packaging.

Chucky and Tiffany were voiced by Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky, and Dourif and Tilly are both back in the upcoming television series Chucky. Executive produced by Don Mancini, who has written every Child’s Play film except for the remake, Chucky picks up where Cult of Chucky left off and will begin airing on both Syfy and USA Network on October 12th. David Kirschner, Harley Peyton, Alex Hedlund, and Nick Antosca are executive producing the show with Mancini.

These Chucky and Tiffany figures look very cool, just as you would expect from figures made by NECA. Will you be adding them to your collection next March?

Chucky and Tiffany NECA 1 Entertainment
Chucky and Tiffany NECA 2 Entertainment
Chucky and Tiffany NECA 3 Entertainment
Chucky and Tiffany NECA 4 Entertainment
Chucky and Tiffany NECA 5 Entertainment

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