Find Her: first look images preview psychological thriller

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Nick McCallum has over twenty years of acting credits to his name, having made his screen debut as a “Skateboard Kid” on an episode of Angel, and in 2013 he made his feature directorial debut with the thriller Past God. His latest feature is a psychological thriller called Find Her, and we got our hands on a batch of first look images that offer a preview of the 2022 release. You can check them out at the bottom of this article.

Directed by McCallum from his own script, Find Her has the following synopsis:

Isaiah Slade, a mysterious ex cop with an addiction to uppers, arrives in a small town searching for answers to a murdered ranch owner and his still missing daughter. Slowly it becomes clear that he has his own personal agenda to finding the truth.

McCallum also plays the lead role of Isaiah Slade. He’s joined in the cast by Richard Gunn (Clemency), Stelio Savante (Running For Grace), Rebecca Lines (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Anais Lilit (The Walking Dead: Red Machete), Randall Gonzalez (Greenland), John James (Axcellerator), Mary Drew Ahrens (Christmas Cupid’s Arrow), newcomer John Daniel Gates, Amy Wickenheiser (The Shelter), and G. Andrew Ahrens who also serves as executive producer. 

McCallum produced Find Her with Kelly Knox.

McCallum also directed the 2013 drama She. His other acting credits include Burning Kentucky, Nightmare Shark, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017), and episodes of House, Castle, The Shield, CSI: NY, Cold Case, Days of Our Lives, Dexter, and 2 Broke Girls.

Have you seen Past God and She? Are you looking forward to the new film from Nick McCallum? Let us know the answers to those questions, and let us know what you think of the first look images, by leaving a comment below.

Here are the Find Her images:

Find Her Nick McCallum
Find Her Nick McCallum
Find Her Nick McCallum
Find Her Nick McCallum
Find Her Nick McCallum

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