Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds discovers his world is a video game in new trailer

Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds discovers his world is a video game in new trailer

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The third trailer for FREE GUY has just been released and while it offers up more of the same that we’ve seen from the other trailers, this still looks like it could be one of the most fun films of the summer.

In the film, a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game decides to become the hero of his own story. Now in a world where there are no limits, he is determined to be the guy who saves his world his way…before it’s too late. Directed by Shawn Levy, the film also stars Jodie Comer, Lil Rey Howery, Joe Keery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Taika Waititi. 

If you feel like you’ve seen trailers for Free Guy for quite some time, you wouldn’t be wrong. Free Guy has had its release pushed back three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was initially scheduled to be released July 3, 2020, but was then delayed until December 11, 2020. In November 2020, 20th Century Studios removed the film, along with Death on the Nile, from its upcoming release schedule until further notice. The next month, the film was rescheduled to May 21, 2021. Lastly, Ryan Reynolds announced its final release date which sees the film finally opening on August 13, 2021.

Did YOU like the new Free Guy trailer? You can check out the film’s new key art below!

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