Madame X: Series based on DC character in the works at HBO Max

Madame X, Madame Xanadu, J.J. Abrams, Angela Robinson, HBO Max

Light the ceremonial candles, shuffle the tarot deck, and be sure to draw your conjuring glyphs with precision because HBO Max is summoning a series featuring Madame X. The in-development project hails from J.J. Abrams and writer and executive producer Angela Robinson.

The DC Comics character, also known as Madame Xanadu, Nima, or Nimu Inwudu, is a clairvoyant who uses tarot cards to tell the future. She can levitate objects, teleport, and banish minor demons, too. Oh, and she’s also an immortal, meaning she doesn’t age and cannot be killed. How did she wind up with this amount of power? Well, defeated Death at a game of cards, of course. You know, as you do.

Designed by Michael William Kaluta with a storyline developed by David Michelinie and Val Mayerik, Madame X made her comic book debut in the pages of Doorway to Nightmare #1 (1978). Later in her career, she began working as a psychic at a law firm to help clients plagued by supernatural problems.

The new series would not be the first time that Madame Xanadu has appeared on-screen. She was last seen in DC’s Swamp Thing series and was played by Jeryl Prescott (The Walking Dead).

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HBO Max has yet to comment about the project, though we have learned it will be an hour-long supernatural drama. Set to produce is Bad Robot in association with Warner Bros. Television. Robinson will executive produce as part of a partnership with Abrams. Ben Stephenson will co-executive produce alongside Rachel Rusch Rich as well.

Could Madame X fill the void left by The CW’s Constantine? You have to admit that the characters share some similarities. I also wonder how Madame X will differ from DC’s Zatanna, which is set to be written by Promising Young Woman‘s Emerald Fennell. Here’s hoping the cards spell success for DC as they attempt several supernatural projects destined for their streaming service. They might have to pull a few rabbits out of hats to make it all work.

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