Rumble Through the Dark: Bella Thorne joins Aaron Eckart for a new action-thriller

Bella Thorne to star in Rumble Through the Dark with Aaron Eckhart

Bella Thorne (The Babysitter, The Duff) is prepared to throw down with Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Thank You for Smoking) for the new action-thriller Rumble Through the Dark.

Based on the novel “The Fighter” by Michael Farris Smith, Rumble Through the Dark is set in the dark landscape of the Mississippi Delta where a bare-knuckle cage fighter (Eckhart) seeks to repay his debts to a local mob boss in a final desperate attempt to salvage his family home. Thorne plays a carnival hustler who stumbles upon a murder that ultimately leads to a dark family connection. The film also stars Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Joe Hursley, Liz Fenning, Ritchie Montgomery, Mike McColl, and Susan McPhail, among others.

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“Bella is a fearless artist,” said the film’s directors Graham Phillips and Parker Phillips. “Watching the chemistry between her and Aaron Eckhart develop throughout the story has been one of the film’s greatest triumphs.”

In talking with Variety about the project, Thorne explained that she was attracted to the film because of the strong writing for her character.

“I look for female characters that really have something to do in the script. I love meat and bones for female characters,” said Thorne. “There haven’t been enough scripts written in Hollywood that really showcase females in a different light for decades.”

Thorne is an actor, model, singer, author, and Only Fans upstart. She first came onto the scene via the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up and has been knocking films out ever since. Horror fans may know her as Allison from Mc G’s The Babysitter and The Babysitter: Killer Queen, or as Nina Patterson from Scream: The TV Series. With several projects lined up, and plenty of outlets for her many talents, Thorne has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

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