The Unforgivable becomes Sandra Bullock’s second film in Netflix’s all-time Top 10

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Sandra Bullock may in fact be the darling of Netflix. Her new movie The Unforgivable has officially cracked the platform’s Top 10 Most Poplar film list. The drama joins her milestone 2018 film Bird Box on the all-time ranking, making her the first actress with two entries on the list. She is only matched by Ryan Reynolds who has Red Notice and 6 Underground in the Top 10.

Netflix says that The Unforgivable has been viewed 186,900,000 hours to date and it’s a number they think will increase substantially as it approaches its first 28 days. If you remember, Birdbox was a true Netflix movie hit before the likes of The Irishman or Extraction. Bird Box counts 282,020,000 hours logged in its first 28 days and was the top Netflix movie of all time until Red Notice took the crown with 364,020,000 hours in its first 28 days. Netflix released a movie every week in 2021 but that wasn’t the case when Bird Box hit the streamer. It was a novelty at the time and having a marquee name like Bullock’s was new too. It’s great to see her have similar success with her new film on the service.

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The Unforgivable stars Bullock, who also produces the project, and it’s a film about a woman released from prison after serving 20 years behind bars for killing a police officer. While on the road to rehabilitation, revenge plots and a cruel parole system thwart her fragile reentry into society. The film also stars Viola Davis, Jon Bernthal, & Vincent D’Onofrio.

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