Tyler Perry is bringing Madea out of retirement for a new Netflix movie

Tyler Perry is bringing Madea out of retirement for a new Netflix movie

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I guess you can’t keep Madea down forever. After previously retiring the character, it has been announced that Tyler Perry is bringing Madea back once again for a new comedy movie for Netflix.

According to “Deadline“, Perry signed a deal with Netflix to bring Madea back one more time, allegedly, for a new sequel called A Madea Homecoming. The new film will serve as the 12th installment of the Madea movie series which was to have originally ended with 2019’s A Madea Family Funeral. The latest sequel is expected to release on Netflix in 2022 and it will be shot at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

We were first introduced to Madea back in 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. When A Madea Family Funeral was released in 2019, Perry seemed to make it clear that he was done playing the part. At the time Perry said, “I don’t want to be her age playing her, so it was time to shut it down and move. I’ve got some other things I want to do, and in this next 50, I’m going to do something different.”

I’m guessing that a very healthy paycheck from Netflix likely changed his mind. It has to be hard to say goodbye to a brand that has generated so much money. Across all of the Madea films, they have grossed $670 million to make, and since they cost virtually nothing to produce, “Forbes” estimates that they have netted Perry about $290 million in fees and profit to date. Would you say goodbye to that windfall? Highly unlikely. 

Are YOU all in for Madea’s return? A Madea Homecoming is planned for a 2022 release on Netflix.

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